Thursday, June 09, 2005


Here's the words to a song I sang at St. Patrick's Church, Wallington. It's to the tune of the Flinstone's theme.

God's love, is the best love,
That the world has ever, ever known,
Deeper, than the deep sea,
It's a love that only God can show,
Higher, than the rockets up in space,
Wider, than the total human race,
God's love, is the best love,
That the world can ever, ever -
The world will ever -
The world will always know.

I expect all the major Christian festivals will be playing it this summer.

Had a look on my old uni hall website today (pointed out by Alex). They have a Dining hall webcam so students can see how long the dinner queue is. I call this taking laziness to the next level. At least "the image is deliberately blurred to comply with the Data Protection Act".


At 3:03 pm, Blogger The Guru said...

Hmmmm I think we shud crank that out next S2. Far out, that webcam! Awesome idea!


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