Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Best Thing Since Daley Thompson

Commonwealth Decathlon Gold Medallist and all time Legend DEAN MACEY from Canvey Island speaks his mind...

Macey on his mental state:
"I've only worried when I've had time off (injured) and then I've virtually spiralled out of control.

"It's not been affecting my sleep - well, unless dreaming of baby monkeys counts. I think psychologists would have a field day with that one - it might have something to do with my pole vaulting. I don't know."

Macey on his missus:
"I don't know why but when I'm injured I want to be horrible to everyone and she bears the brunt of it. To be honest, I'm surprised she even turned up on my wedding day - I've given her plenty of reasons to leave.

"But she's perfect. I get back from training, have a rant, finally shut up and she says: 'Are you done?' and then: 'Here's your tea' and that's that."

"On top of that, of course, I tell her I'm a hell of a catch every morning!"

Macey on his competitors:
"We don't speak much during competition but afterwards we're often up until 3am talking about fishing.

"There's huge respect between everybody - even though I want to whup them!"

Macey on finally winning gold:
"Four years ago I didn't make the start line, four years ago I was an inch away from retiring and now I'm the Commonwealth champion. It feels 10 times better than I thought it was going to be."

Macey on podium etiquette:
"There was no way I was going to learn the words to Hope and Glory before I came out here - I didn't want to jinx it."

Macey on celebrating his triumph:
"My family are here and us Maceys know how to rip up the town. Melbourne's not going to know what's hit it. We're going to rip it up and I'm going to get lashed, truly lashed. I deserve it, don't you think?"


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