Friday, May 05, 2006

He's As Tall As A 6 Foot 3 Inch Tree

According to this website, here are some celebrities I'm the same height as: (thanks Jonny for link)

Gun lover Charlton Heston.

Grill seller and father of George, George, George, George and George, George Forman.

US Military Leader General Norman Schwarzkopf.

It's A Wonderful Life actor James Stewart.

And the model Fabio.


At 10:08 am, Blogger Martin said...

Your link's broken, love. Voila...

Anyway, I'm the same height as Colin Firth, Enrique Iglesias and Jack White, who are all nice good looking young men. Oh, and Ultimate Warrior, whoever he is.

At 11:38 pm, Blogger big dave said...

"To think, act and believe through my own thoughts and actions in a manner, alone and while interacting with all others, that convinces any eyes and ears upon me that each human life is to be made important and taken serious, and that one should do in one's lifetime that which will live forever."

- The Ultimate Warrior


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