Monday, September 03, 2007

Osaka 2007 Review

A couple of weeks ago I gave some predictions on the GB medallists at the World Athletics and here's the results

My predictions for Osaka medals were:
Jessica Ennis - Heptathlon (4th)
Chris Tomlinson - Long Jump (DNQ)
Philips Idowu - Triple Jump (6th)
Men's 4x100m - Relay (Bronze)

Also watch out for:
Marlon Devonish - 100m (6th)
Nicola Sanders - 400m (Silver)
Jemma Simpson & Marilyn Okoro - 800m (Semi Final)
Kelly Sotherton - Heptathlon (Bronze)
Goldie Sayers - Javelin (DNQ)
Jo Pavey - 10,000m (4th)
Women's 4x400m - Relay (Bronze)

Apart from Chris Tomlinson and Goldie Sayers who were below par and Philips Idowu who was coming back from injury - these athletes performed to their expectation or better.

I did miss out Christin Ohurougu who I really didn't think would be sharp enough after 12 months out of competition but coming into the championships fresh and with added determination (that and world no 1 Sanya Richards running in the 200m) enabled her to win the gold.

Here's a run down of all the British athlete's and how well they performed. + means I thought they performed better than expected and - means I thought they did worse.

100m Marlon Devonish 6th 10.12s
Craig Pickering SF 10.21s
Mark Lewis-Francis SF 10.17s SB
400m Tim Benjamin SF 45.44s
Andrew Steele Heats 45.54s
Martyn Rooney Heats 45.47s SB
800m Michael Rimmer SF 1:45.66
1500m Andy Baddeley 9th 3:35.95
5000m Mo Farah 6th 13:39.13 SB
3000mSC Andrew Lemoncello Heats 8:58.93 -
110mH Andy Turner SF 13.27s PB +
400mH Dale Garland Heats 49.98s
High J Germaine Mason DNQ 2.19m -
Tom Parsons 10th 2.29m PB +
Martyn Bernard 14th 2.29m PB +
Pole V Steve Lewis DNQ No Mark -
Long J Chris Tomlinson DNQ 7.89m -
Greg Rutherford DNQ 7.77m
Trip J Phillips Idowu 6th 17.09m
4x100m GB 3rd 37.90 SB +
4x400m GB 6th 3:01.22 SB

100m Jeanette Kwakye QF 11.26s PB +
Laura Turner SF 11.32s
Montell Douglas QF 11.39s
200m Joice Maduaka QF 23.22s
Emily Freeman Heats Disqualified –
400m Nicola Sanders 2nd 49.65s PB +
Christine Ohuruogu 1st 49.61s PB +
Lee McConnell SF 51.07s SB +
800m Marilyn Okoro SF 1:59.63 PB +
Jemma Simpson SF 2:00.47
Jenny Meadows SF 1:59.39 PB +
1500m Lisa Dobriskey SF 4:08.39
Abby Westley SF 4:09.67
5000m Jo Pavey 9th 15:11.83 SB +
10000m Jo Pavey 4th 32:03.81
3000mSC Hatti Dean Heats 9:43.23
Helen Clitheroe Heats 9:45.59
400mH Tasha Danvers-Smith 8th 54.08s SB +
Pole V Kate Dennison DNQ 4.20m -
Javeln Goldie Sayers DNQ 57.23m -
Hept'n Jessica Ennis 4th 6469pts PB +
Kelly Sotherton 3rd 6510pts SB +
4x100m GB 4th 42.82s SB +
4x400m GB 3rd 3:20.04 NR +

Key: SF–Semi final, QF–Quarter final,
DNQ-Did not qualify
NR–National record, PB–Personal best,
SB–Season best

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