Friday, July 22, 2005

Tch To Yest Twoy Smok? (Is That Your Dragon?)

Day 9. Thursday 21st July. Krakow/Warsaw
This morning we wandered around the castle - the best place in Poland according to one tourist guide and where many kings lived, and prayed for the city. The castle was built in the 10th century and has been added to over the years giving it a large mixture of building styles. Although Poland is 95% Catholic we found out about there being a Hindu spiritual centre in the castle courtyard. When we found it several people were standing there with their hands outstretched palm down and one guy was sitting there meditating. We prayed and praised God there who is the King of kings.
We went for lunch to a restaurant called Rozowy Slon (The Pink Elephant) and all 6 of us ate a hot meal for under 10 pounds. (And yes we did feel very welcomed)
We went to a cafe in the Jewish quarter in the afternoon and afterwards got the 3.5 hour train to Warsaw. After a short walk (Grant and Steve got a taxi) to the hostel we dumped our stuff and headed out for food. Warsaw has a very big city feel about it with many skyscrapers being built everywhere. The war flattened most of the city so all the buildings are no more than about 50 years old.


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