Sunday, May 07, 2006

Long Weekend

Found this brilliant script from the Sketch Show...

RONNI: (grabbing her bag) Right, see you tomorrow, then.
KAREN: (putting on her jacket) See you tomorrow, then.
RONNI: Oh! I'm not in tomorrow!
KAREN: Are you not?
RONNI: No! Day off tomorrow!
KAREN: Oh, when will I see you then?
RONNI: Well, it'll be the day after tomorrow, won't it?
KAREN: Well, I'll see you then, then!
RONNI: See you Friday!
KAREN: Oh, no! 'cause Friday is Good Friday!
RONNI: Oh, so when will I see you, then?
KAREN: Saturday... Sunday...Monday's Bank Holiday...
RONNI: Monday is Bank Holiday...
KAREN: So, I'll see you Tuesday!
RONNI: See you Tuesday!
KAREN: Alright. Bye!
RONNI: Oh, no! Tuesday we're all off!
KAREN: Oh, so Wednesday! Wednesday! I'll see you Wednesday!
RONNI: Yeah, won't be 'til Wednesday, will it?
KAREN: A week tomorrow!
RONNI: What a long time!
KAREN: Yeah!
RONNI: Oh, no! 'cause I'm off on holiday on the Wednesday!
KAREN: Oh, when do you get back?
RONNI: The 13th.
KAREN: Alright!
KAREN: Oh, no! I finish work on the 12th!
RONNI: Oh, I'll never see you again!
RONNI: Bye, then!


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