Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sports Personality Of The Year

BBC Radio 5Live held a phone in on who would become the 2006 Sports Personality of the Year. Some listeners suggested that due to the poor performance and lack of big sporting events (except the football world cup, winter olympics and world rowing championships), no-one should be given the award.

My suggestions are:
- Monty Panesar (Cricket)
Cult hero, finger spinner, has a beard and took lots of wickets. I'll be happy if Monty gets it.

- Andrew Murray (Tennis)
British number 1, in world top 20, beat Federer, Roddick and Hewitt. Complains about everything (which is great) and pickled his hand to cure blisters.

- Steven Gerrard (Football)
Solely for his FA Cup final performance. Lets forget about the world cup tho he did score 2 goals.

- Nicole Cook (Cycling)
World number 1 and won the womens' version of the Tour de France. but a bit of a who?

- David Walliams (Sport Relief)
Swam the channel for charity, but I don't think he should win because its not a sport, people have done it before and not recieved so much recognition.

- Dean Macey (Athletics)
Now if you want a personality then this guy is it. Won the Commonwealth decathlon while injured. Just a shame he missed out on the Europeans.

Any other suggestions?

As for those who suggest the award goes to no-one, I take them back to 1997 when none other than grand slam runner-up, Greg Rusedski took the title and 1994 when Damon Hill was runner up in the world drivers championship.

Also it could be a lot worse. Malta's 3rd placed personality is Massimo Cremona, world Subbuteo champion. I hear the sound of the barrel being scraped.

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