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Thanks to Mr Peter Swan for this biog written for the RaW Sport Blog.


Name: David Sheffield

Position: Legend

Team: Crystal Palace

Home town: Bedford at the moment – lucky him

First Match for RaW Sport: Coventry v Norwich (Nov 05)

Famed for his passion for athletics and amazing investigative journalism Dave Sheffield is probably one of the most universally popular people ever to speak into to a RaW microphone (with the possible exception of Timmy Mallet). Sadly, now that he is out in the real world – he works for Ben and Jerry’s don’t you know – we see less of him than we’d ideally like, however whilst he can’t always make the show his creative genius is always in play via the RaW Sport Quiz.

People often ask me who this ‘Dave Sheffield’ we always refer to during the quiz actually is and whether he is real. Well I can confirm that the seemingly mythical quiz master who would class the Sport Watchers Guide as his Bible (if he didn’t already rate the actual Bible so highly) is a genuine person. If you haven’t caught the RaW Sport quiz tune in Saturday’s from 5.30pm to be both entertained and educated. Ever wanted to know what a ‘googly’ is? Tune in and you just might find out.

Nevertheless before he left for the real world quiz master Dave was equally respected for his ‘witty’ one liners and amazing special reports which took him to, among other places, Warwick’s first dodgball tournament and the Horse of the Year Show. Certainly without Dave RaW would have been a lot duller place to be over the last year or so. Mr Sheffield – I salute you.

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