Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oxford Street

At the weekend Zoë went to London to buy a bridesmaid or something… anyway I met her for lunch in Oxford Street and as I was walking down to House Of Fraser (apparently where you buy Bridesmaids) the following happened:-
- I was almost converted 3 times by street preachers
-- my favourite quote was “If you take the ‘S’ and ‘N’ away from SIN you get ‘I’ which proves we are all sinful”
-- one guy next to me shouted “F-ing shut up… I’m on the phone” as if that was a good enough reason for the preacher to put down his microphone so this guy’s mate would not hear of his imminent judgement.
- Someone dressed as a bear (but could have been a hedgehog/mole etc) roared in my face
- I was in several tourists’ photos trying to capture the 3 ballet dancers on stilts holding onto John Lewis’ window for dear life.
- Was almost trampled by a marching band of Santas.
- The bagpipe band made up entirely of Indians were momentarily drowned out by an electric guitarist sound checking
- I just managed to escape the perfume man in House of Fraser who tried to spray me with after shave

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At 10:30 pm, Blogger Jonny B said...

You think that's bad?... You should try having to WORK there...


At 9:27 pm, Blogger heather said...

did you get the bridesmaid?


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