Friday, March 16, 2007

Song For Europe

On Saturday the nation will decide who will represent the UK at this years Eurovision Song Contest (12 May).

There are 6 contenders and here's what they've had to say...

Justin Hawkins (from The Darkness)
"I think it's the biggest, most glamorous and possibly the most important music event there is"

Randy (Big Bruvaz)
"This is an opportunity for us to showcase UK hip-hop and R&B on a world scale. We're the first urban group to ever be asked to do this competition, so we consider that a privilege as well."
- How could he forget the very urban Love City Groove of 1995?

Brian Harvey (of East17 fame)
"It's the best song I've ever recorded ever - or could ever hope to record. It really is that good"
- What? Better than "Stay Another Day"? Or "Love, Let It Rain"? Or "Thunder"? No, surely not. (Incidently Brian has recovered from running himself over in his Mercedes-Benz.)

David Ducasse (Scooch)
"It's about time Eurovision had a pop act to go through for the UK,"
- 'Cos we all remember how good Gemeni were.

Cyndi (she's French)
"I really have faith in people, they will choose whatever song touches them the most."
– Of course they will dear!

The other contestant is Liz McClarnon (ex-Atomic Kitten), who hasn’t said anything too silly - yet.

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