Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Q Without U

If you've been playing Scrable / Scrabulous on Facebook then you'll be familiar with the word QI as its the most effective way to play a Q with out following it with U. Here are the other Q without U's I've found.

BUQSHA(S) - an aluminum-copper coin and monetary unit of Yemen.
BURQA(S) – a loose robe worn by Muslim women covering head to toe.
FAQIR(S) – a Muslim of Hindu holy man.
MBAQANGA(S) – a style of South African music.
QABALAH(S) – mystical teachings of rabbinical origin.
QADI(S) – a judge in a Muslim community
QAID(S) – a Muslim tribal chief, judge, or senior official
QANAT(S) – a gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation purposes.
QAT(S) – the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis
QI(S) – the vital force thought to be inherent in all things.
QINDAR(S) – a monetary unit of Albania .
QIVIUT(S) – the soft, dense, light-brown woolly undercoat of the musk ox.
QOPH(S) – the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
QWERTY(S) – keyboard having the keys in traditional typewriter arrangement.
SHEQEL(S) – ancient Hebrew coin, ancient Babylonian weight.
SUQ(S) – traditional Arabian bazaar.
TRANQ(S) – sedative.
UMIAQ(S) – Inuit boat.

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