Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guinness Is Good For You

I have always wanted to break a world record but could never decide which one and I must admit I don't want to dedicate my whole life to it (yeah, i know dedications what you need if you want to be a reacorrrrd breakerrrrr), I just want it as a hobby to pass a bit of time, so if anyone has any ideas of what they think I could do to get in the Guinness Book of Records without too much effort, (it take about 6 weeks to process an application) then please let me know.

Here is some inspiration.

Fastest text message
Kimberly Yeo Sue Fern (Singapore) typed a prescribed 160-character text on her mobile phone in 43.2 sec on 27 June 2004 at the Singtel SMS Shootout 2004 competition in Singapore.

Fastest Time To Pluck A Turkey
Vincent Pilkington of Cootehill, County Cavan, Republic of Ireland, plucked a turkey in 1 minute 30 seconds on November 17, 1980. His past best time was 2 minutes 44 seconds.

Furthest Marshmallow Nose-Blow
The farthest a marshmallow has been blown out of one nostril and caught in the mouth of a catcher is 4.96 m (16 ft 3.5 in), by launcher Scott Jeckel of Delavan, Illinois, USA, and catcher Ray Perisin of Peoria, Illinois, USA, on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime in Los Angeles, California, USA on August 13, 1999.

Scott challenged Ray. "I said I could shoot further than that. Then one thing lead to another and we ended up with marshmallows. They're exactly the right size, shape, and consistency, more aerodynamic than popcorn," says Scott.

Loudest Burp
People say Paul Hunn’s burps are as loud as a pneumatic drill, or an aircraft taking off. On April 5, 2000, to prove he’s the biggest belcher on earth, he competed live on British TV and blew away the opposition with a record-breaking burp measuring 118.1 decibels.

Most Bowls Stacked While On A Unicycle
The most aluminium bowls stacked while on a unicycle measuring 2.28 m. (7.5 ft.) tall is 31, by Nancy Huey, of San Francisco, California, USA. She set the record on August 13, 1999.

Most Kicks to the Head in One Minute (Self)
The record for the most consecutive kicks to one’s own head in one minute is held by Michael Lloyd of Midland, Texas, USA who kicked himself in the forehead 42 times in a row on October 7, 2003.

Slingshot Ears
The farthest an American dime has been propelled by the ear lobe is 3 m 30.6 cm (10 ft 10.5 in), by Monte Pierce, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime.

Longest Journey By Skateboard
The longest recorded journeys by skateboard were completed by Jack Smith (USA) in July 1976 and July 1984, when he covered just under 4,830 km (3,000 miles) between Lebanon, Oregon, and Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

Longest Ear Hair

Radhakant Bajpai (India) has hair sprouting from the centre of his outer ears (middle of the pinna) that measures 13.2 cm (5.19 in) at its longest point.


At 4:47 pm, Blogger Martin said...

David Sheffield, why did you not tell me you had this?! I will hunt you down!

Are you coming to Leicester soon?

At 11:06 pm, Blogger Tim said...

you could always start eating crackers and see if you can beet the record for eating them dry!! (i think it's 3 crackers in about 2 mins!!)
Or something like the longest ever phome call (although that could be quite expensive!!)

At 10:04 am, Blogger big dave said...

So Martin, you found my blog...

Coming to Leicester not this weekend but next. I might be in Cov Saturday meeting new housemates though.

Tim, I could have a go at the cracker one but it sounds tough. Need lots of practice. Do you have any crackers?

At 11:47 am, Blogger The Guru said...

Goodness me Dave, you really have linked up a lot people.

Mmmmmmmmm crackers.

At 11:54 am, Blogger Martin said...

Yes, I got there in the end, but you still should've said!

Okay, well I'll try to be around next weekend then, although I imagine I'll be glued to the tennis, and specifically Ms Sharapova's wobbly head, for the next two weeks...

At 2:52 pm, Blogger big dave said...

Martin, My friends Sam and Tim got me into this blogging lark. Their blogs are def worth a look!

Not got anything planned with Zoe next weekend so whenever you feel like it we can meet up.

Sam, I got most my links off of the Bish, check out how many links he has!

At 10:08 am, Blogger big dave said...

Cream Cracker Eating
It remains a benchmark of record-breaking prowess – how quickly can you YOU eat three Jacob's Cream Crackers? And on October 29, 2002, at the London offices of Guinness World Records, UK sports agent Ambrose Mendy smashed the existing record by more than 30 seconds, chowing down on three crackers in just 49.15 seconds.

"Everyone can do something well," said Ambrose, summing up the Guinness World Records philosophy. "It's all about concentration and telling your mouth to have saliva in it; then it's just bite and swallow, bite and swallow."

Pass me the crackers...


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