Saturday, July 23, 2005

Co To Znaczy? (What Does This Mean?)

Day 10. Friday 22nd July. Warsaw
Had some quality team time this morning and looked at our team goals we had written at the beginning of the trip. It was good to refucus and pray for each other and encourage each other.
We spent the morning walking round the old and new parts of town praying in various parts then ate at a pizza restaurant who apparently give all thier profits to an orphanage.
In the afternoon we went to the tallest building in Poland - The Ti Burton-eaque Palace Of Science And Culture which Stalin built (not personally) as a gift to Poland in 1955.
We went up in a lift to a viewing gallery and looked over the whole city. You get the best view of the city form here as its the only place in Warsaw that you cannot see the building. We got a chance to pray up there too amd later discovered that the exact time we were praying was precisely 50 years to the exact minute that the building was opened! (bbc news)
That evening we returned to see a ceremony to mark the event which turned out to be a sarcastic reinactment of the opening complete with a guy waving a soviet flag behind "Stalin". Most Polish people really hate the building and what ity stands for. Due to the number of cameras there is a good chance we made it onto Polish television!
After dinner at an Italian restarand we headed to a bar and then to bed.

Day 11. Saturday 23rd July. Warsaw
Went back to the Stalin Building to pray some more this morning and then went on to the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego (Warsaw Rising Museum) that is all about the soldiers who fought against the Nazi's who had taken Warsaw and how despite no help from the allies took back many parts of the city and refused to give in. About 200,000 Poles died and in the end virtually the entire city was demolished enabling the communist oppression to come in without much opposition. (Remid me I must watch the film 'The Pianist' when I get back to England). This was inspiring and gave us a really good background to the history of the city and where the people came from.
This evening we met a contact of Jay's, A Polish guy named Peter who gave us an insight into the culture of young people in Poland and Evangelical Christianity here. (Only 0.1% of Poland is Evangelical - born again Christian).


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