Monday, July 25, 2005

Uwaga (Attention)

Day 12. Sunday 23rd July Warsaw.
Said goodbye to Simon who flew back to London early this morning. Simon had a real gift in Prophesy and used it to bless each of us, each day. He was also a great encouragement especially to me and hearing from God and being bold enough to speak it out.
Pretty chilled day today just wondering round old town. Had dinner at a traditional Polish restaurant and then went to get the train to Kiev which left at 10pm

Day 13. Monday 24th July Kiev.
All I know is this train! The other 4 guys had one compartment and I took the bed in a compartment with an old Polish couple who spoke English. I could tell they had been married for quite some time because as they talked to you they would intercahnge who was speaking mid sentance without even pausing. They also snored. Boy did they snore. They snored in harmony, as one breathed out the other breathed in and visa versa causing one long noise that sounded just like an express train which added to the noise of an express train meant i didnt get much sleep. We had our passports checked about 2am and then due to the different sized wheels on the train tracks in Poland and Ukraine spent an hour in a big train warehouse while they changed the wheels on the train. I'm not sure how they did this as i could only see out my window at the men running about with screwdrivers and spanners. Finally arrived at 4.20pm and tried phoning the people who would show us to our appartment. We had hoped that YWAM Kiev woulkd meet us there but they hadn't replied to Jay's e-mail but as we were failing to get through to the accommodation people a couple came up to us who were from YWAM and were able to help us to accommodation, we will meet up with them some more tommorrow, The fun doesnt stop there because when our accommodation agent finally arrived (half an hour late) it turned out we couldn't stay there so we walked 10 minutes to another appartment (10th floor) then had to wait another 30 minutes before the person who had double locked the door could return and let us in. The appartment is actually amazing with air conditioning, satalite tv and coffee machine. We have just been out for dinner at a Ukrainian diner.

Day 14. Tuesday 25th July. Kiev.
Prayed this morning then headed out into town to meet the YWAM guys, Aksana and Tanya who showed us round the city centre. We went up to a high point to pray over the city and saw the "iron mamma", a statue of liberty-esque monument that overlooks Kiev. After that we headed to the YWAM base which is on a static boat on the river. This evening we stayed to meet some of the YWAMers and see a showcase of the dancing ministry's dances. We might get to spend time with them tomorrow - the guys are very excited about this! We got the opportunity to pray for some of the missionaries and for one lady who runs a pregnancy crisis clinic. Her name is Olia and she had a ultrasound scanner conviscated at customs recently and she desperately needs it back.


At 5:17 pm, Blogger Tim said...

good to hear your doing well. Keep safe mate. God Bless

At 9:19 pm, Blogger big dave said...

just got home safe and well. will post the news of last 2 days when i get a chance. thanks tim, bless you.

At 10:54 pm, Blogger Jeff said...

i'm back home too...Doh! I miss Europe already.

At 4:52 am, Blogger Tim said...

glad to hear your back dude. Hope you had a great time. I'm back on fri so i'll give you a call some time at the weekend.

At 9:49 pm, Blogger big dave said...

Gonna see Jay tomorrow! Dont miss the toilet paper and tap water and smelly lift but i know what you mean Jeff. Tim, dont call me saturday cos at my sis's wedding and sunday flying to glasgow (but really wanna catch up) so friday eve will be ok.


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