Monday, May 08, 2006

World Cup Knock Out

Here is an exclusive announcement of 23 players who wont be selected in Sven's England squal going to Germany

Goal Keepers:
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
King Og of Bashan
John Lesley

John Wesley
Earnie Shavers
Ransford Goodluck
David Sheffield
Barry Chuckle
Pinky Le Grelle
Sponge Bob Square Pants
Anju Bobby George

Urriah the Hittite
Boris Johnson
Ray Slijngaard (from 2unlimited)
Count Nicholas Ludwig vin Zinzendorf
Ronald Regan Junior
Tariq Aziz

Paul Chuckle
Sally Gunnell
Emile Heskey


At 6:36 pm, Blogger Martin said...

You forgot Theo Walc... oh, hang on a minute.

I think Nusrat would make a good keeper. Shame he's dead. And not English.

At 7:20 pm, Blogger Katie said...


At 10:28 pm, Blogger big dave said...

yeah there's a few dead/fictional characters in there.

At 10:36 pm, Blogger Martin said...

I believe you also left out you and me, due to our retirements from international football four years ago. And that Andy Cole, who jumped on our bandwagon of stroppy nose-to-spite-face-cutting-off.

At 11:45 am, Blogger big dave said...

I'm in there, just next to Guyanian international rifle shooter Ransford Goodluck.

But yes I have retired from international football just incase Sven didn't realise I'm not available for selection.

At 11:32 pm, Blogger hatchris said...

Personally I think King Og of bashan would make an excellent replacement for Rayne Wooney....

At 6:11 pm, Blogger Martin said...

I think Andy Cole will be distraught that you have excluded him from the team who won't be going, and promptly announce his comeback from retirement.

At 9:50 pm, Blogger big dave said...

If he does that then I might have to follow suit... you?

At 8:29 pm, Blogger Martin said...

Well, I've not played for England before, or even in the Premiership, and I can't get in the Arsenal team. So I think I've got the perfect credentials.

At 1:46 pm, Blogger hatchris said...

"Well, I've not played for England before, or even in the Premiership, and I can't get in the Arsenal team. So I think I've got the perfect credentials."


And I've seen Theo Walcott play - in a cup semi final no less. Does that make me more qualified to be England manager than Sven?

At 4:46 pm, Blogger big dave said...

I you were only allowed to pick players you had seen play then what would your England XI be?

hmmm... might use this as my next blog.

At 4:38 pm, Blogger Martin said...

What semi-final was that? The Inter-Small-Places-Just-Outside-Southampton Cup, Chandlers Ford vs. North Baddesley?

At 9:34 pm, Blogger hatchris said...

IN that case Dave, it's definitely: Steve Bull for England! The time is right for a recall.

And Martin, it was the FA CUP semi final I'll have you know! Well, OK, FA youth cup, anyway.

Wolves lost! Which was OK, because I was surrounded by Southampton fans.


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