Friday, November 10, 2006

Stupid Man On The Train

Yesterday I took the day off to attend the 11th annual Student Radio Awards, and because our sports quiz had been nominated for best comedy and entertainment I got to go for a tour around GCap offices in Leicester Square including standing in the Classic FM studio while they were on air!

The quiz didn't get a placing but nomination was better than we expected. Otherwise it was a brilliant night for RaW...
- Second in the best station category "a close second to URN (Nottingham)",
- Gold award for the techies for their studio rebuild,
- 2nd and 3rd in best interview, (one I "produced")
- 3rd to Matt Rebeiro for best newcomer,
- Jimmy and Adam were unlucky to only come second in best entertainment.

(click here for Chris Doidge's account)

On the way home I got chatting to a guy on the train who works in lighting at a theatre. At first I was glad to have someone to talk to and listened to him rant on for a bit (showing genuine interest) but when I finally got to say where I had been (and I was gagging to talk about our 6 awards and Jo Wiley) but he immediately turned the conversation back to himself, never asking me a single question about my evening or infact about me, presuming to know it all already. It was such a frustrating conversation, so if your reading this Mr I-missed-out-on-a-really-interesting-conversation because-I-only-care-about-myself, next time you talk to someone on a train please LISTEN, just for a minute.

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