Sunday, May 28, 2006

World Cup Prediction Competition

Right, it’s coming up to the world cup so that means prediction competition time. The idea is you predict which team will get through each round of the tournament up to the winners and also the score for every game.

Send me an email / leave comment if you wanna play!

Predicted before the competition
· 5 – Correctly predicting the winners.
· 3 – For each correct team in each round.

Predicted before the kick off of the game in question
· 3 – For the exact score in any game.
· 1 – for the correct result in any game.

A score can be revised at anytime before kick off and if no score is given a default of 0 – 0 will be entered.
The qualifying teams cannot be changed after the start of the tournament.

For games that go to extra time / penalties only the score for 90 minutes will be counted.

The positions will be decided by:
1. Number of points
2. Predicting the eventual winner
3. Points predicted for scores
4. Points scored in a complex algorithm that takes gives more weight to games where less people have correctly predicted the score.
5. Bribes given

For fixtures and form etc see

I’m not charging money because it’s too much hassle to collect it all,


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