Monday, August 29, 2005

Mersey Fist

King’s Kids at MerseyFest, Liverpool, 10th – 23rd August 2005

See Ruth's write up here.

There were 27 of us (I was one of 9 staff) and there were 18 kids (aged 4-17) mostly from England but with 3 from Belgium, 2 from Switzerland and one girl from Egypt.

We Spent 3 days in boot-camp together in Penketh, West Warrington, teaching, worshipping and learning dances, dramas and circus skills and having lovely meals cooked by Ruth and Beryl.

We then joined 2000 campers in Crohkhy Parhkh (Croxteth Park), Liverpool for a week staying in tent city and having morning worship and teaching in the big top with bands such as Yfriday, Steve and 100 hours.

Every afternoon we went to Penketh, to Greystone Rec (No horses allowed) where we took part in projects such as; building a path, 2 flowerbeds, painting railings, a holiday club for old people, painting a youth centre, cleaning graffiti, playing football, teaching circus skills, 2 band nights, 2 evangelistic events, and a BBQ. In 4 days 4000 people were on the Rec and 29 became Christians through the events that were run.

The weekend saw a massive fun weekend on Crocky Park with huge soundstage and fun fair and huge skate park. We saw Voices With Soul, Dave and Carrie Grant and the guy who was Phil Collins on Stars In their Eyes.

Our final 2 days were spent in a church in Liverpool for team time and debrief.

High points:
· Meeting the most vicarist vicar at St. Paul’s, Penketh, Paul Hockley, who has hundreds of anecdotes that he tells with great enthusiasm.
· Praying for the guys from the young offenders institute who helped with the gardening and path building.
· The complementary coconut shampoo at the health centre where we had our showers. (mmm - non toxic)
· Spending late nights praying and chatting with Alex and Robert (the 2 other male leaders).
· Telling old ladies in Penketh about how much Jesus loves them.
· Seeing the kids on the team grow with God.
· Meeting the Phil Collins tribute act.
· Performing in the pouring rain in the middle of Liverpool City centre for the launch of MerseyFest.
· Making new friends and spending time with old friends.
· Teaching circus skills in the park and to the team.
· Painting railings and each other and building a path with 20 tonnes of dirt.
· Nice weather
· Speaking French with the Swiss and Belgian girls.

Low Points:
· Minibus breaking down in the pouring rain on middle Saturday as we were about to head into town.
· The man who was far too happy greeting us at church. (He was far too happy).
· Walking into the girls showers by accident.
· No beer.
· Puppets.
· The cold.
· No sleep.
· Not being in the newspaper even though they took a photo of me.
· Telling kids off.


At 10:10 am, Blogger Grant said...

walking in on the girls showers? hehe

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Martin said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that was a curious "low point"

At 2:52 pm, Blogger 'X' said...

Heh, you forgot to mention the tasting of said shampoo. Mmmm. Non toxic....

At 3:22 pm, Blogger big dave said...

there wernt any girls in there at the time, just some washing up liquid but then Lizzie came in and i got embarrassed.


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