Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Heshua? Bless You

Conversation in the pub last night

Girl walks into the bar while I am enjoying a cup of tea and watching the Manchester United game. She is about 16, has cigarette in one hand, pint in the other and speaks in high pitched chavvy way.

Girl (Walks into pub): Wassa score?
Me: 2-0 to United.
Girl: Who scored?
Me: O'Shea and Scholes.
Girl (leaning forwards with puzzled look): Who?
Me: O'Shea and Scholes.
Girl: Heshoo?
Me: O'Shea.
Girl (looking very puzzled now): Heshua?
Me (and several others): O'Shea!
Girl: I support Man U but I ain't heard of 'im.
Me: John O'Shea...
Girl: Who's the other one?
Me: Paul Scholes.
Girl: I know Wayne Rooney and David Beckham but he works for Real Madrid now.
(Girl pauses while looking proud of herself)
Girl: So who scored? Paul Heshua and John What?
Barman: Do you have ID for that pint?
(Escorts her out)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Madonna And Child

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Friday, October 13, 2006

And That's ... ... ... ... The Latest

Just found out my skin scores...

Melanin (colour) 286
Erithem (redness) 312
TEWL (skin damage) 9.3
Hydration 13.8

Also good news: RaW nominated for 8 Awards at the Student Radio Awards next month.
Here are the Nominations

Personally I had involvement in 4 of them (3 tenuously)! So go me!
Unfortunately none for Junction(no space)eleven.

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